Lymph Drainage

LYMPH DRAINAGE for problems of, acne, rosacea, sinusitis, puffy eyes, and stress.

The vacuum tubes are glided along the lymphatic channels following the direction of the lymph. The procedure is not only painless but very relaxing. “Lymph is formed when the plasma from blood vessels mixes with fluids around the cells. “It carries nutrients for cellular activity, blood cells and the waste discharged from cells—along predetermined pathways to hundreds of filtering stations called lymph nodes, which cleanse the lymph, removing waste as well as excess water. Keeping the lymph flowing is essential to good health. Blood is kept moving by the beating of the heart, but the lymphatic system has no pump of its own. Pulsing arteries, respiration and muscle movement are usually enough to keep the lymph moving, but that can be slowed or blocked by poor health habits, trauma or illness, all of which allow fluids and toxins to accumulate and overwhelm the immune system.