Hormone Optimization

Hormones are the most powerful molecules in our bodies, controlling the function, growth reproduction, metabolism, and repair of every cell. Our bodies require optimal hormone levels, just as they require optimal levels of essential vitanutrients: vitamins, fats, amino acids, and minerals. Our hormone levels are generally optimal in our youthful years–our early twenties–but many begin to fall soon afterwards and continue to decline with increasing age. Hormone levels decline because our glands and the parts of our brain that control our glands deteriorate with age. This age-related hormone loss is natural, but it is not adaptive; it is destructive. It is one of  mechanisms of aging–our euphemism for the disease by which Nature causes our deterioration and death.

Hormone Therapy

The restoration of optimal physiology. It is a whole body concept because it affects every organ system from our head to our toes. Restorative Medicine logically forces a new principle: that many diseases are the result of an imbalance of body chemistry and once we restore balance and Physiology we can correct the cause of the majority of diseases. This is the new message that must be heard and will be heard because it is logical, it is rooted in science, and it is based on clinical results.

Some illnesses and diseases related to hormone imbalance:

Fatigue, Erectile Dysfunction, Menopause, Macular Degeneration, Memory Loss, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Metobolic Syndrome, Bone Density Loss, ADHD, Bladder Control, Acid Reflux, Alchoholism to name a few.